The Challenge

In 2017, EveryonePrint launched a SaaS platform to take your print infrastructure to the cloud, making printing easier and more secure for IT teams and organizations of all sizes. 

The cloud printing market was relatively new, and EveryonePrint anticipated that one or a couple of companies would become the category queen(s). EveryonePrint was focused on rapid development and needed help defining the category, building a go-to-market strategy (GTM), and growing its market share. That’s where Grolea came in. 

In August 2021, EveryonePrint brought in our growth advisor Audrey Agahan, to be their Director of Marketing and lead their marketing strategy and team.


Defining the category, ICP, and positioning

To start defining the category, we did competitor research and analyzed the organic and paid search activities with competitors. Our hypothesis landed on “cloud printing” since it had the most search potential and relevant content. 

Once the category was defined, we conducted customer research to identify the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This crucial step would help us narrow down our target audience and provide a focus for our GTM strategy. 

After building out the ICP, we took it a step further and created a comprehensive messaging guide on positioning EveryonePrint and telling their story. The guide included a one-page positioning canvas, boilerplate messaging, value props by ICP, competitive messaging, and more. 

The messaging guide became a tool that helped the sales team, resellers, and any agencies and freelancers we worked with tell the same story. 

You can see that guide come to life on the homepage of (formerly We also leveraged the ICP work to develop the industry pages with tailored messaging. 


Accelerating growth through foundational marketing

Grolea has helped EveryonePrint to:

  • Increase website traffic by 300% through an SEO overhaul.
  • Rank on the first page of Google for their #1 target keyword, “cloud printing solution,” by building a high-quality pillar page
  • Unify sales and marketing tech stack to get better data and empower the marketing team to do more without developers. 
  • Increase the company’s valuation and get acquired by Y Soft through marketing results.

Aligning marketing and sales operations with the right tech stack to fuel growth

We needed to get a hold of the data to understand if our marketing efforts were making a difference. Pulling the required data and tracking our KPIs proved nearly impossible with EveryonePrint’s sales and marketing tech stack setup. 

Their data was spread across several tools: Zoho (CRM), WordPress (CMS), HubSpot (marketing automation), Google Analytics (website data), and Zendesk (support). They built connections with Zapier, but there were often errors causing inconsistent data.

Because no marketing strategy or goals were defined, the tools were not configured or leveraged to track marketing attribution and lead quality. There was no defined lead handling process or easy way to see a visitor’s activity from its first touchpoint until conversion.


To tackle this, we migrated their CRM, CMS, and marketing automation into a single platform—HubSpot. Unifying the sales and marketing tech stack helped EveryonePrint with:

  • Marketing attribution: Understand which channels generate leads and convert customers most successfully and why. This helped EveryonePrint become more data-driven and have the insights needed to make better decisions.
  • Lead process and quality: Besides defining the lead process, we built a sales and marketing SLA to define responsibilities clearly. Lead statuses were implemented as part of the process to help us understand our lead quality and real impact.
  • Automation: Workflows helped us create separate processes for MQLs and SQLs (including email nurturing) and automate lead assignments to sales so that marketing no longer had to hand leads over to sales manually. 
  • Reduce web development: HubSpot’s easy-to-use CMS allowed marketers to create and edit the website easily, so they no longer needed to rely on web developers.


Tripling website traffic and ranking in the top 10 on Google SERP

After defining EveryonePrint’s positioning and go-to-market strategy and implementing the right tech stack, it was time to build brand awareness and take market share. 

To start, we ran a technical and SEO audit of the website and discovered that essential SEO was not in place (meta titles, meta descriptions, etc.). After fixing these SEO hygiene issues, we saw a 40% boost in new website traffic. 

We then ran a full content audit of the website and discovered that none of the landing pages or blog articles were optimized for SEO. We identified a list of 20 focus keywords for which we wanted to rank and built a content plan to see what we could repurpose versus what we needed to create. 

We leveraged our network of SEO-specialized copywriters to re-write and optimize all of our existing blog content, and within one month, we saw a 300% increase in traffic!

Our more aggressive goal was to get on the first page of Google organic search results for our three focus areas: cloud printing, print security, and print management. We used a topic cluster framework to reach this goal and created pillar pages for each topic. As of February 2023, we are ranking in the top 10 for “cloud printing solution.”


Increasing the company’s valuation and getting acquired by Y Soft

In June 2022—less than a year into our partnership—EveryonePrint was acquired by Y Soft. Suddenly EveryonePrint went from a 50+ people company to over 500. The marketing team of five (including Audrey) transitioned to Y Soft. 

The leadership of Y Soft accredited “EveryonePrint’s strong marketing results and strong branding” as part of why Y Soft wanted to purchase EveryonePrint. 

Grolea continues to work with Y Soft post-acquisition to rebuild their new marketing strategy and lead the growing team of over 20 marketers.