The Challenge

Infrakit enables successful and sustainable infrastructure projects by connecting people and data in the cloud. They have delivered thousands of successful projects around the world and introduced a new level of interoperability between stakeholders. As a pioneer of novel digital transformation services, they are leading the way in defining the emerging category.

Since Infrakit is innovating in an emerging service category, it is especially crucial that they clearly communicate their product and service offerings. To position itself to win and scale up in a new market, Infrakit needed to validate and crystallize its value propositions.

We set out to do customer research to redefine their value propositions and gather feedback to provide guidance and direction for product development, customer success, and marketing. The purpose of the customer research was to increase our understanding of different customer groups—everything from their priorities, goals, the language they use, product feedback, and role in doing business with Infrakit.

Infrakit supercharges construction operations by offering fast visual access to information.

Our Approach

The customer research was done in both qualitative and quantitative methods. We held customer interviews for qualitative insights and customer surveys to collect quantitative data. We interviewed internal stakeholders from Infrakit and key customers from several markets with varying backgrounds, roles, and responsibilities. We conducted a customer survey to further increase our customer understanding. The survey was conducted in eight languages and sent out to thousands of customers. We defined and mapped out the customer journey to increase our understanding of the end-to-end customer journey.

Based on the initial findings and strategic work, we formulated three new sets of value propositions for different customer groups. The value propositions were implemented into different touchpoints and adapted throughout customer communications.

The Impact

The internal stakeholder and customer interviews provided us with key insights to guide the value proposition work and formulate the broader customer survey. The carefully crafted customer survey led to a staggering 100% completion rate from everyone that started to answer the survey.

The survey provided a unique view into customer satisfaction and service-related insights in different markets. It produced hundreds of items of freely formulated feedback, insights, and ideas and became the basis for NPS scores in different markets and practice for regular NPS tracking. The research helped us identify where Infrakit’s service can provide the most value. This knowledge helped us validate the redefined value propositions and fine-tune the communication and development activities.

We produced three new sets of value propositions for different customer groups. The value propositions have been implemented and reflected on Infrakit’s website, along with other sales and marketing touchpoints. The insights from the customer research were further used in service development, customer success, marketing, and business strategy planning to help provide focus on how and where Infrakit can make the most impact to accelerate growth. The customer interviews and quotes can be leveraged in the future to build customer testimonials, case studies, and content that truly resonates with their target audiences.

The customer research served us extremely well. We received tons of valuable input and insights to support our service development and customer success work. Great job!

Teemu Kivimäki

CEO, Infrakit